How Do Fictional Poisons Stack Up To Real-Life Ones?

In books and movies, poisons are basically magic. It's kind of a letdown to read about deliciously evil poisons and then realize they're not nearly as potent in reality as they are in stories. Here are some myths about poison from pop culture — and the less impressive reality. » 9/16/14 11:22am Today 11:22am

10 Lessons From Real-Life Revolutions That Fictional Dystopias Ignore

Today's genre books are full of future dystopias, which only have one weakness: teenagers. And everybody knows that most dystopias are kind of contrived. But here are 10 lessons from real-life rebellions against repressive regimes, that we wish the creators of fictional dystopias would pay attention to. » 9/15/14 10:11am Yesterday 10:11am

The Doctor Who Sterilized U.S. Prisoners To Prevent "Mutants"

If someone told you that your experiment "had a little of the Buchenwald touch," would you keep going? One doctor did, and added a little forced sterilization justified with lies about "mutants." Learn about the experiment that involved irradiating prisoners' testicles. » 9/09/14 6:20am 9/09/14 6:20am

Here's Why You See Those Flickering Clouds Around the Tavurvur Volcano

Those watching the footage of the Tavurvur volcano probably noticed appearing and disappearing clouds along the edge of the shock wave. They're called Wilson clouds, and they used to flicker in the sky above nuclear bombs, too. » 9/08/14 12:50pm 9/08/14 12:50pm